There is no effective, one-size-fit-all approach to wealth management. There is no magic formula, no silver bullet and no single algorithm that makes investment success automatic. To clearly see the goal, you must clearly understand an investor’s needs and investment resources.

The fact is that there’s no shortcut to a tailored wealth management plan that answers your specific needs and expectations.

The key is a rigorous process that spans wealth planning, portfolio modelling, monitoring and investment management.

The reality is, the more we ask the right questions, the larger our bank of knowledge and the greater our confidence in the predictability of the outcome. Marry insights, rich data, decades of real-world experience and an increasingly complex proprietary planning tool together and you have a durable blueprint for ongoing success.


You have specific financial objectives – and obstacles. You may be planning for your retirement, or trying to squeeze your investments to generate greater income, or looking to gradually transfer assets to the next generation. We help you build a plan that lives up to your expectations. And we start by gaining a clear picture of your context.
– Analysis of current investments and other assets
– Income vs. expenses
– Life goals, including retirement targets
– Approach to investments.


Taxes can take a large bite out of your investment earnings. We work with you to minimize your tax exposure, while preserving healthy returns on your investments. The two strategies must go hand in hand – investing with an eye to the tax consequences.


There are about 450 mutual fund companies and more than 17,000 distinct funds available in Canada. So how do we help select a fund that answers your specific criteria? By placing you and your needs at the centre of a rigorous conversation that draws upon the depth of our exclusive portfolio modelling process, developed over more than 15 years and encompassing more than 10,000 fields of input. The process helps us develop a realistic plan using a range of funds and specific performance targets. That separates us from advisors who stick to a very small selection of go-to funds to keep their operation efficient and profitable, instead of choosing funds that accurately reflect your short and long-term investment goals.


Selecting the right investments is only the starting point. To optimize your returns and your portfolio’s overall performance, it’s critical to have continuous monitoring of every asset in your portfolio – not just on your birthday or in advance of an annual review. What we mean is having your advisor take note of every dip, ever peak in your holdings. Is that too much to ask of your advisor? You don’t even have to ask it of us – it’s all part of our process.


So bonds went bust. How are you going to make up for the losses? How aggressive do you have to be with the reallocation of funds to rebalance your portfolio. The market is loaded with infinite variables. Your advisor needs to know when to push the right buttons, when the long play will pay off and when to exploit short-term volatility. How should your mix of funds change with a currency fluctuation or respond to poor corporate earnings results? Simply letting your investments gather dust isn’t the answer. Either is a strategy built on frequent transactions triggering higher fees. What’s needed is a clear vision of how best to manage a portfolio in a way that serves your interests. That requires listening, close scrutiny of a portfolio’s performance and the judicious use of trades to rejig your exposure as circumstances change.
That’s how BarecWealth builds relationships with its clients, based on a shared purpose, not transactions.