Eric Chong has managed investments for decades. So what has he learned through wild market swings and a procession of bulls and bears? He hasn’t simply learned from experience; he’s applied the learning from every single pivot point and added the variations to his own proprietary investment analysis software. His program now includes tens of thousands of individual fields, each tied to a teachable moment in Eric’s distinguished career as an investment advisor. He didn’t just set the fields; he wrote the code. Why go to such extraordinary lengths to capture all this learning and integrating it into his software? Because every day he wants to be that much smarter an advisor than he was last week, last year or five years ago. His software represents his way of integrating all that learning into a portfolio modelling tool that can run a variety of scenarios and study the implications for different portfolio mixes. That doesn’t change the essential unpredictability of investing. But it changes the probabilities and follows a scientific approach that produces more consistent and dependable results.

Watch Eric use his portfolio modelling tool to work with clients by revising their mix of funds.

Find out how all mutual funds are not created equal. What does a savvy, veteran investor like Eric Chong look for in a fund? How does this factor in his overall portfolio management?