We love to talk about how you can make the most out of your money – and your life.

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We know that some people feel more comfortable ignoring their investments. They are afraid of the unknown. While this may temporarily avoid some pent-up anxiety, it does nothing to solidify your financial situation for the future. That actually requires attention. You have to think through issues like cost of living and retirement timetable. We aren’t going to suggest that your investments are fun. But planning ahead to a prosperous future sure is. And no, sorry, investments do not take care of themselves. We want to help you ask the right questions and determine the factors that are most important to you. There’s no set blueprint for success. Each individual has different priorities, tolerances for risk, life goals, realistic standard of living. Each factor is one more element of the equation, as are the literally thousands of investment vehicles available to you.

How do you build a plan?

How do you best choose investments that will help you achieve your goals?

These are subjects we know intimately after decades giving clients detailed financial advice. And they love to share their insights and perspectives to help people optimize their finances.

Barbara is the financial planning expert who looks at the big picture to help you make important decisions about managing your money to align with your goals. She’s also a great promoter of women’s financial education and independence – an issue that is coming up more and more as a generation of women approach their retirement years.

Eric is most definitely the science guy. He’s developed one of the most robust fund performance matrixes in the industry and uses these analytics to project trends and adjust strategies based on market dynamics.

The Scientist at work with his beloved algorithms.


Women’s financial literacy
How to define your investment philosophy
Generational transfer of wealth
Portfolio diversification
Responsible investing
How women and men’s approach to investing differs
The role of debt in your financial health
Strategies to save for your children’s education
When is the right time to retire?
What’s the role of a financial advisor?
Marketing Timing
Investment Modelling – Knowing the Unknown
How to choose a financial advisor
Perils of the D-I-Y investor

Groups. Book clubs. Churches. Golf clubs. Libraries. Professional associations. We’d love to talk to you.

We’re happy to come to your house, hall, clubhouse, meeting room, board room, synagogue basement, classroom to help people of all stripes become more financially literate and confident in discussing investment decisions. At no cost.

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