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April 14, 2020
Uncertainty – The New Normal
August 3, 2020
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Rollercoaster rides are fun as a kid. Not so much when you’re approaching retirement watching your investments bounce around, pinning you to your seat. Not fun at all.

While we’ve collectively held our breath through the past 100 days, we’re seeing markets settle down to some extent, but uncertainty rules.

We’re all waking up to new realities. And many of them aren’t pleasant.

Our role is to help protect our clients from the wild swings of a volatile market. We never manage investments from a position of anxiety; instead, we rely on science. We study the performance data of more than 1000 different funds and evaluate them as a fit for an individual client’s needs.

The fact that our holdings are actually up in these times isn’t something extraordinary. It’s just a matter of following the numbers and anticipating what’s coming next and where the market may be heading.

We apply exactly the same logic in calmer times. But most of that goes under the radar until another crisis sends everyone hunting for their latest financial statements.

It’s a cliché of the investment industry to say: “We’re in it for the long haul.”

What that really means is: “Don’t fret about your losses now.”

That’s never our message. Sure, our investments go down at times. But we never stand still and wait for markets to right themselves.

We always try to stay one step ahead.

That’s always been our way and always will be.

Hopefully, that gives you comfort through these trying times.

We hope you’re all well and look forward to seeing you in person in our offices sometime soon.

Thinking of you and your family,


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